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Guys~ Guess who finally got a 3DS XL. [INTENSIVELY SQUELING]

I got this a few weeks ago.(just got around posting this today cause reasons) I’m actually sharing this with my sister but I’m the one who often uses it. I’ve just finish the Looker Bureau mission in Pokemon X and currently leveling them up to 100. 

I’m not really sure how the friend code works but I assume that we both have to have each others friend code?
Anyway, here’s my friendcode: 5386-8672-5164. Feel free to add me(or not, either one is fine).

P.S. Sorry for the long post and shitty camera quality. Thank you for your time.

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#my shtuff #pokemon #I'll maybe be drawing my bumblecub team after this #no promises though #thank you for your time
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